Běžná Selhání in Concert

Běžná Selhání (Everyday Failures) is an independent music collective born in Lambrate, Milan, in 2024. The group ranges across different and conflicting genres, accompanied by lyrics about the Milanese province and depression, strongly connected themes. Inspired by the Emilian political mythology of groups such as Offlaga Disco Pax and Spartiti, they carry on the tradition of spoken word with elements of electronic music and punk, without ever tying themselves to one particular genre. Běžná Selhání also emerged as a live performance band, not only due to the nature of their often improvised and remixed sound, but also because of their love for theatricality and buffoonery; they often cover their faces and writhe while lying on stage during the saddest verses. 

Music from the province for the province, against the advancing nothingness.

Via Savona 97 (as always)
May, 18 2024
 From 7 PM until the end

hercole ETS
Cultural Association
P. IVA / C.F.   13443150969
Via Savona 97, 20144, Milan