hercole’s bookshelf

hercole’s bookshelf is a project dedicated to booklovers and bookshops.

Its aim is to collect and share books of all genres about the hercole manifesto. The creation of the shelf involves participatory work. The bookseller collects and suggests titles putting them in a dedicated space within their bookstore, not completely filled. Customers can also place their choices. The shelf is continuously updated and enriched, a changing scene where anyone can return to find or offer new inspirations and content. hercole works for creating connections between people and thoughts. It is not just the bookseller holding a certain knowledge the one who can draw the map, but also the reader, who brings with him his load of meaning and his network of references and connections. Furthermore, each bookstore, together with its community, will formulate a specific variant of its bookshelf, different from those realized by other participating bookstores.

The first hercole bookshelf is located in our headquarters Auryn Studio.

"It is clear that this is not about teaching through transfusion, nor perhaps even about teaching at all: the activity whose methods we are trying to define is only a cataloging of self-educational possibilities"

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